J-1 English Interview

The Only English Assessment Created Specifically for J-1 Exchange Visitors

English3's J-1 Interview was built in partnership with institutions concerned with increased scrutiny of J-1 exchange visitors, and expected greater enforcement of the English proficiency documentation requirements. 


Eliminate logistical challenges and consistently verify J-1 visitors’ ability to participate in their program and to function on a day-to- day basis with a solution built exclusively for the J-1 English needs of institutions. 

Consistent, Convenient,
and Compliant

Interview Demo Video

See a five minute summary of the applicant and admin experience


Why Choose the English3 J-1 Interview?

No other solution provides adequate convenience for international offices, sponsoring departments, and visiting scholars. 

Targeted to the J-1 Needs of Institutions

View all of your scholars’ profiles on one dashboard. Easily view, forward, or download applicants’ videos, scores and comments. Manage J-visa applicants information seamlessly.

All-Access Admin Dashboard 

8 out of 10 scholars surveyed prefer the English3 Interview over other solutions, even free solutions such as Skype. Scholars love that they can complete the interview anytime, anywhere, and in under 25 minutes. 

Scholars Prefer English3 

Customers come first at English3. From the consultative and deferential communication, to 48-hour grade turnaround, to general customer support, you are guaranteed to love your experience working with English3. 

Unmatched Customer Support

While other tests focus largely on multiple choice, parts of speech, grammar, and vocabulary, the J-1 Interview uses our patent-pending asynchronous video assessment technology to focus on language production in real-life situations.

Measures functional English Proficiency
The J-1 Interview at TAMU
Reduce the time required to verify English proficiency by 83%
J-1 Interview Demo
Watch a 5 minute summary of the applicant and admin experience
NAFSA Presentation Outline
Meeting English Proficiency Req's for J-1's and Other Internationals
J-1 Interview Pricing Guide
Comprehensive Pricing and implementation information
Asynchronous Assessment
Read the research and results behind asynchronous assessment
Webinar Summary
Trends in meeting the DOS English proficiency requirement
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