English3 Proficiency Test (E3PT)

An Authentic Assessment of Language Proficiency

The English3 Proficiency Test (E3PT) is targeted to assess functional English proficiency over test-taking ability. The E3PT focuses on language used in real-life situations, and all questions and question types are designed to test students’ applied English skills. The E3PT employs cutting-edge technology and techniques, leaving behind many traditional less effective methods, including multiple choice, parts of speech, and vocabulary quizzes.


Questions are presented in video or audio format. Students then respond to these questions through recorded video. This allows English3 and others who review the videos to obtain a much more accurate picture of how ready a student is for high school, college, or employment in an English-speaking environment.

Improve Accuracy, Increase Access


Functional English Ability

The E3PT evaluates the skills that are vital for higher education learning: listening, reading fluency, reading comprehension and speed, speaking, ability to participate in class and group discussions, and writing.  All testing is done online with the use of a web camera and a headset.

The E3PT is available anywhere in the world. The test is offered online at any time. For other popular tests, such as the TOEFL and IELTS, students are required to go to testing centers on specified dates. This causes unneeded hardship for many students who have to travel great distances at considerable cost in order to access the test.  The E3PT simply requires a good internet connection and a webcam, which many students can access at webcafes, libraries, or other public internet faciliities if they do not already have this capabiliity at home.

Why Institutions Choose the E3PT?

The E3PT provides a comprehensive and accurate view of applicants' English Proficiency

A More Accurate Assessment

View all of your applicants' profiles on one dashboard. Easily view applicants’ test videos and detailed score reports. English3 integrates with internal systems to streamline the application process

All-Access Admin Dashboard

Ensure reliable results with a secure evaluation. Our real-to-life evaluation uses our patent-pending asynchronous video assessment technology to provide reliable results.

The E3PT is a dramatically more convenient test and can be taken at any time, from any location, for only $99.

Applicants prefer the E3PT
Secure and Reliable Assessments;
Backed By Research 

Lower barriers to applying to your program by lowering the cost and time required, particularly for applicants who do not live near a testing facility.

Increase Applications by Increasing Access
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