Certify Your English Proficiency

The Only English Evaluation Created Specifically for J-1 Exchange Visitors

The E3J1 interview is the most convenient way for J-visa applicants to verify English proficiency. It is an online recorded interview taken any time, anywhere.

Complete Convenience
Interview Requirements
You must have

A government-issued ID (Passport, Driver's License, etc.)

A well-lit and quiet space. You must complete the interview entirely on your own

Reliable internet connection

Working webcam, microphone, and speakers





You'll Love the E3J1 English Interview 

Complete your interview anytime, any where, and in under 30 minutes.

Complete Convenience

Results are available within 48 hours (or when you hear back from your university). Results can also be forwarded to other universities by logging in to your account. 

Quick Turnaround of Results

English tests often cost more than twice what you'll pay. Complete your interview for only $99.


As an exchange visitor, you need sufficient English proficiency to participate in your program and to function in society on a day-to-day basis You do not need full proficiency. The E3J1 Interview is ideally targeted for your needs.

True Measure of English Proficiency

8 out of 10 scholars surveyed prefer the English3 Interview over all other solutions.

The Survey Results Speak for Themselves
J-1 Interview Demo
Watch a 5 minute summary of the applicant and admin experience
E3J1 Applicant guide
A review of instructions to complete the E3J1 English Interview
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